Modern Games Have Become Much Better

Modern Games Have Become Much Better

Modern Games Have Become Much Better

All games must have a wide world. That is basically the essence of the game. You make the world disappear, and modern games have become much better in this respect than their predecessors. Today I talk about this aspect of cyberspace. The mythology

Mythology always interests me and I might always be interested. Myths and legends often form the basis of truly great stories. Who doesn’t know about Zeus or Hercules or especially Aries?

All หหริำะ games use mythology to a certain extent. This might be as simple as calling Excalibur as a sword or calling Cerberus a hell, but a few more games. Some games even rewrite the stories of these characters or even create their own myths and legends.

Myth is a great addition to any game. After all, when it comes to building the world, it’s about small details. Giving the name of the city is great and everything. This is the way to give him a king and a government, but what really makes him explode is giving his people a personality and schedule. And ways to give people’s personalities. By making them respect ancient heroes like Hercules.

Which approach is better? Create your own myth or use the old family myth? There are two sides to the story. On the one hand you can generate strong emotions related to the familiar. On the other hand, you can test your ability to create great real myths and legends.

Think about how nice it was to find the legendary sword of Excalibur and immediately think of our legendary sword. You have “Ah hah!” Moments and enjoy your surprise. Or when you find a three-headed dog called Cerberus. You smile because suddenly this fight is even more important. Even more meaningful and epic, especially if you don’t like that particular entity. Extra Credit makes a complete episode about this about how tangential learning is facilitated through loan mythology.

But suppose, for some reason, don’t you want to borrow mythical creatures or legends? So, your possibilities are unlimited! Think about the possibilities. Dog warrior career? Why doesn’t a fish save the world? Why isn’t the world in danger of being destroyed, but was it saved at the last moment by a magical cat named Anny? Of course, that is your world, but this is where we found the real problem in creating legend.

Legends that are too rare or strange will not be accepted. Many of these depend on your own wisdom, but just stop and think that no matter how good the context is, some things will not be accepted by your average player. Do great warriors save the world? Alright, floating fish kills a city? Now, we turn to extreme absurdity.

That said, some of the biggest and most remembered games are absurd games like Earthbound. But that’s an exception, not the rule. For most people, they need legends to take root in our world to some extent, and it’s not difficult to obey, especially when it’s the difference between good games and great games.

Myth adds a full layer to the game and people spend days, months and years deconstructing world myths. Of course that only happens when you make a good game. That said, go out and do something about what people want to spend years talking about.

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